Gregory Delaurentis Bio

Gregory Delaurentis was born in Brooklyn New York, and from birth has been fascinated with the city and its teeming masses. As a youth he used the subway system as his playground, as a teenager, he used its streets and avenues as his stickball courts, and as a young adult, cruised the dazzling nightlife and restaurants for action. The flavor of New York City courses through his very veins. Also he has lived in California, New Jersey, Massachusetts and other locales, but always returned to the city of his birth. Now, finding himself unfettered and free to pursue his initial loves, writing and the city, Gregory is busy with the Darkness Saga, building on the characters that he has introduced in his first book Cover of Darkness. 

Gregory finds himself drawn to things unusual, to the NYPD, and to things seedy and dangerous and writes about these fixations that intrigue him.

Finally finding solace in his easy chair, a tall cup of coffee, his laptop and indie music, he stares out of his window upon the streets of Manhattan and falls into the silent world within his head. He traverses remembered alleyways, and darkened, unlicensed clubs, he huddles with the officers of the NYPD on cold bitter nights on the beat, and kneels over corpses strewn in central park with the CSI technicians.

He feels the heart and soul of the city, breathes its urban breath and eyes its criminal element. He hopes his stories reveal that.